Ten Features of a Winning Case for Support


Every nonprofit has a story to tell. The Case for Support is your chance to let the world know your story and convince people that they need to pay attention to what you’re doing. As one of the most important documents you can develop for your nonprofit, it must be strongly written, compelling, and inspirational.

Below are listed 10 essential elements that every irresistible Case for Support must contain. For inspiration we’ve included some sample nonprofit Case for Support items at the bottom of the page that Baker Street Consulting has created over the years.

The Case should be:

  • Brief

  • Optimistic

  • Larger than the organization - it has a broad, timely, and universal appeal

  • Easy to remember

The most effective Case for Support:

  • Is both rational and emotional

  • Makes statements that are supportable and defendable

  • Is presented as an investment prospectus

  • Shows that the project (or purpose of the campaign) has been endorsed by others

  • Answers specific questions

  • Conveys a sense of urgency that moves people to act now


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