We help our nonprofit partners reach more donors, raise more dollars and exceed their potential by leveraging their strengths and turning vulnerabilities into opportunities for growth. Our collaboration brings about significant transformation, empowering organizations with the tools they need to build a solid, sustainable foundation for fundraising.

Fundraising Services Wisconsin

Arts and Culture 

Fostering continued growth and sustainability to ensure that libraries, museums, and performing and visual arts centers continue to enrich our communities for generations to come.

Healthcare, Hospitals, and Senior Services

Advancing fundraising solutions for a variety of healthcare organizations, hospitals, and senior living programs as the need for long-term medical care and assisted living continually increase, while funding sources remain uncertain.

Wisconsin nonprofit consulting services

Capital campaign fundraising in Wisconsin


Empowering independent schools, private colleges, and public universities with the tools they need to open up new worlds of possibility.

Social Services and Mental Health

Building a solid foundation of support, increasing mission awareness, and maximizing outreach potential, to ensure the long-term viability of our social service and mental health nonprofit partners.

Nonprofit Training and Coaching

Church fundraising consultants in Wisconsin


Strengthening faith and bringing communities closer together by giving them the tools and strategies to overcome fundraising challenges collectively.

Animal Welfare

Cultivating philanthropic growth to bolster pet shelters and veterinary care clinics, giving our best friends the loving homes they deserve.

Capital campaign fundraising services

Feasibility Studies for nonprofits in Wisconsin

Youth Organizations, Parks, and Recreation

Keeping our youth enrichment programs running strong, and outdoor spaces vibrant, for children and families as places to play, learn, and grow.