Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of a nonprofit’s successful ongoing development initiatives. Through a sound Annual Fund program, your organization can build a solid base of regular supporters as well as strategically cultivate closer donor relationships that lead to more frequent and larger gifts. As one of the most important revenue streams to a nonprofit, this income provides the vitally important financial support necessary to keep the yearly operations budget afloat, while also building the foundation for a future giving society, capital campaign, endowment building program or other large-scale fundraising project.

Through our engagement, Baker Street Consulting Group will work closely with you to develop and implement a tailored, results-oriented action plan designed to increase contributions to your Annual Fund program. This process will build enthusiastic support for your mission and lay the groundwork for a stronger financial future.

Benefits of a Strong Annual Fund Program

Beyond the immediate goal of raising money, a robust Annual Fund program comes with a number of added benefits:

  • Conveys the understanding that “giving” is a means of “participating” in the work of your organization
  • Provides a dependable base of predictable, consistent and continually increasing financial support
  • Enhances donor loyalty and enthusiasm while fostering meaningful relationships
  • Creates more opportunities for consistent donor engagement and involvement
  • Enables your organization to have greater sustainability and mission fulfillment

How We Can Help

  • Establish attainable near-term dollar goals and develop a roadmap to reach them in a timely manner
  • Conduct an Opportunity Assessment to determine your organization’s fundraising potential and find creative, time-tested ways to substantially increase philanthropic revenue
  • Create a comprehensive, detailed Tactical Plan to guide Annual Fund operations for the greatest return on investment
  • Inject new enthusiasm into Board and staff involvement in fundraising activities
  • Design highly effective Fundraising Program Components designed to successfully reach targeted sources of revenue
  • Create a compelling Case for Support that engages and inspires donors to support the Annual Fund
  • Develop appealing marketing materials to support the Annual Fund
  • Provide the coaching and training needed to sustain the Annual Fund Program once it has been deployed
  • Develop a Donor Retention Plan for your organization