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Planning and Feasibility Studies

Our planning and feasibility studies do more than test the potential of your nonprofit's fundraising goals - they produce strategies to position your organization for success. We recognize that fundraising is both an art and a science, so our studies blend a careful, systematic approach with bold creativity to develop a tailored strategic plan for your nonprofit’s long-term philanthropic success. Through these studies, Baker Street Consulting Group (BSCG) discovers the ways and means to lead your organization to success, even when the challenges may appear daunting.

As Sherlock Holmes would carefully analyze data and then deduce logical conclusions, we bring similar creative thinking, imagination tenacity and the knowledge from our cumulative years of experience to each specific assignment, regardless of your nonprofit's size and circumstances. BSCG believes that this approach is fundamental in leading the way to achieve tangible fundraising results.

Specifically, our process utilizes a series of tools to create a road map for reaching your goals, including:

  • Personal, face-to-face interviews with your supporters
  • Small-group discussions and focus groups
  • Informational discussions with volunteers and staff
  • Evaluation of your organization's campaign readiness and capacity to conduct a campaign
  • A review of your organization’s historic patterns of support and current fundraising efforts
  • An assessment of recent and anticipated significant fundraising activities in the area

A methodical approach to conducting these activities enables us to best assess interest and attitudes toward your proposed fundraising effort from prospective donors and campaign leaders. By combining good interviewing skills, creative thinking and effective research, we are able to ascertain strengths, and possible constraints, that could have a significant impact on your fundraising potential. The study also helps us ascertain how well your organization is positioned to conduct a capital campaign and what must be done to achieve success overall.

We leverage our experience and the insights gained from the study to assess the distinct needs and opportunities of each of our client partners. From there, we create specifically tailored strategies and an approach that will lead to attainable, inspiring results. Sometimes, when our studies suggest that the timing, donor receptivity, Case for Support or goal of a given project are not satisfactorily positioned, we may provide alternatives to help your organization meet its specific development needs in other ways.